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“We are having to move last min (since our landlord has decided to sale) and have been looking at ALOT of propeties and Canton has been so patient and kind with assisting me! We are looking for a certain school district and so it has been a pain trying to find one a month before school is out and especially because no one is leaving until then. So ty Canton for mking this process a lil less stressful!!”

“Mike is a great property manager! Anytime we need something (which is not often), he is quick to pick up the phone and even quicker to get whatever it is taken care of!! Cannot recommend them enough!!”

“Out of all the rental companies I have dealt with here in Lubbock, I have to admit Location Rentals is by far my favorite. They are super friendly and get all maintenance requests done in a very timely manner. I've been going through Location Rentals for 3 years now and have been very happy with them.”